Park Café

Cozy Sunday atmosphere

Café specialities:
Beside cakes, waffles and ice cream, the Park-Cafe offers an all-day menu with soups, salads and snacks form the Park-Hotel kitchen. Decide whether to sit inside in a cosy ambience or outside on the terrace in the sun.

More venues

Winter garden Gastronomie am Weiher


Classy ambience. Perfect to serve local dishes. But also to present international dishes. Delicacy comes first here.

Event Bar - Parkhotel Nümbrecht


Pub flair at it’s best. A tasty Koelsch at the bar. Rustic dishes. From burger to snacks, there’s a lot. Gathering. Enjoy the time. Have a good time.

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Parkstraße 3
51588 Nümbrecht


16 unique facilities. Culinary pleasures. Infinite creativity. And a professional team. That’s our foundation for successful events. The only thing missing is you and your individual expectations to make this something truly special. Let’s work together to make your event unforgettable.


You’ve got something to celebrate and want to stick with your kind? Our Event Bar is the ideal location for parties of all kind private functions for up to 50 guests. Our insider tip: In our Event Bar there is also direct access to our two bowling alleys.


A world in itself. Where emotional and physical wellness comes first. Our carefully selected products make sure both will be stimulated equally. Because we, too, are convinced that true beauty comes from within.

Choose from a variety of massages and beauty treatments. Our beauty professionals gladly advise. Upfront on the phone. Or personally on-site. Tell us your preferences and we’ll develop a special wellness programme.

Facial treatment Beautypark - Parkhotel Nümbrecht
Tennis at Sportpark - Parkhotel Nümbrecht


A short walk through the park. The mini-warm-up. The mental preparation for the upcoming match. Because our Sportpark is just 750m away from the hotel. Here, the athlete’s heart will come alive.

Indor tennis courts. Badminton. Squash. Gym. Whether for individuals or teams. Whether for hobby or professional. We’ve got something for everyone. In addition, our Sportpark offers a 9 hole golf course. Who doesn’t take a look around is certainly missing something.