Our T&Cs

General Terms and Conditions

1. Conclusion of contract
The contract is concluded as soon as the rooms are reserved and confirmed, or, if a confirmation is not possible due to temporal reasons, is allocated. This applies to deliverables under point 5 as well. Dates of options are obligatory for both affiliates. The hotel reserves the right to otherwise release out of option offers. For reservation of multiple guests, especially groups (also conferences and meetings), should guests names be provided at least 14 prior to arrival in mutual interest of the hotel and the clients/guests. If the booker is not the organiser/customer both parties are liable for the total dept.

2. Exclusion of third parties
Claims and rights out of the agreements with the hotel are prohibited to be transferred to third parties without the hotel’s approval.

3. Deposit
The hotel is eligible to demand a respective pre-payment anytime. The amount and terms of payment can be agreed to in writing in the contract.

4. Arrival and departure
Without contrary confirmation rooms are not available before 15.00 hrs. Check out has to be done 11.00 hrs on the day of departure. Insofar a late arrival has not particularly been agreed to, the hotel reserves its right to release the reservation after 18.00 hrs.

5. Goods and Services
Which goods and services have been agreed to contractually accrue from the tendering of the respective valid price list and the data in the confirmation. A refund, an offsetting or a credit of reserved but not utilised goods and services is not applicable. Is the period between conclusion of the contract and provision of the goods and services exceeded by more than 4 months or has a general change in VAT accrued, the hotel reserves its right to adjust rates without prior notice.

6. Cancellation or modification by the guest/booker
All cancellations and modifications must be received in writing. Up to 15 days prior to arrival a cancellation is free of charge (for group reservations from 5 people onwards up to 40 days prior to arrival). If cancelled within the 15 days prior to arrival or non-utilisation the guest/booker is obliged to pay 80% of the room/breakfast rate and 60% of blanket or package agreements as cancellation fee. This is valid for the whole duration of the contract. The hotel is held in good faith to avoid such fees.

7. Cancellation by the hotel
The hotel is obliged to provide an equivalent room in a different hotel of equivalent category in case of non-providing to the guest/booker. Furthermore the hotel takes care of possible taxi costs accrued by this.

8. Liability
The affiliate of the hotel or the guest him/herself or the host is liable for any damages caused by him/herself or by any of their guests. An utilisation of rooms deviant from the agreed, allows the hotel to rescind the agreement without notice, without the deterioration of the agreed charges. Is the hotel disabled to fulfil its accomplishments by a force majeure or a strike action, no claim for compensation can be derived therefore.

9. Wake-up calls, mail and delivery
The hotel will be anxious to implement wake up calls with high diligence. Claims for compensation however are precluded. Appointed messages, mail and deliveries to guests are treated with diligence. The hotel takes care of the storage, the notification and if requested the not prepaid redirection of the same.

10. Lost property
Lost property will only be redirected on request. The hotel is obliged to hold lost property for 3 months. After this period the item will be handed over to the local lost-property office, as long as an obvious value exists.

11. External services
The hotel mediates and accounts external services. A liability on the part of the hotel for external services does not insist.

12. Guest’s invoices
Guest’s invoices are to be paid directly net cash. On a longer stay the total amount is payable on a weekly basis.

13.Account breakdown
Due to previous credit agreements invoices are to be paid within 14 days. Any respite will be charged with a 1% interest on arrears per month. The hotel is eligible to decline forex, cheques and credit cards. For paid outs and external services settled by credit card a 10% commission compensation will be charged. Vouchers of travel agencies are only accepted if the hotel has a credit agreement with the respective agency or if a respective pre-payment is made. A refund on by voucher purchased but not claimed services is not possible. Vouchers must be presented upon arrival, otherwise the total amount is to be paid in cash. Subsequently presented vouchers are generally declined.

14. General
The eligibility of falsities, print and calculation mistakes remains reserved. The guest/booker agrees his/her data provided on the registration card will be saved on an EDP system. The guest/booker accepts the general terms and conditions with his/her reservation. For all disputes out of the contract and its compliance, the jurisdiction of the court will be concerted at the establishment’s location. The invalidity of single sections in the contract or its conditions does not affect the other agreements. Place of delivery and payment is the place of business of the hotel. The German law applies.

15. Miscellaneous
In case of a violation of the hotel’s non-smoking policy, the hotel is eligible to charge additional charges for cleaning. Furthermore for conferences, seminars, banqueting events, exhibitions and presentations/lectures the following is to consider:

a) Changes, respectively the final amount of participants for dinner events must be provided 3 days prior to the event. Otherwise the ordered amount covers will be charged at least.
b) To bring along own dishes and drinks needs previous approval by the hotel.
c) For loss or damage of brought along items or exhibits no liability is assumed by the hotel. All the decoration material must be conform to health and safety legislations.
d) Applying decoration material or similar items must be approved by the hotel. For damages to the hotel’s interior, caused by installation or removal or during the event the booker/operator is liable without proof of guiltiness.
e) Interferences of disposed technical equipment and/or interior is to be made good immediately. A decline or retention is nevertheless not possible.